Monthly Mission Offering

Monthly Missions Offerings (formerly Communion Rail Offering) are opportunities to financially support a designated KUMC ministry or mission throughout an entire month, and not just on Communion Sunday. Support can be by check or online giving:

Contact Missions Director, Cathy Parva, at the Church office with any questions; 281.358.2137, or at

Kairos Ministry Program

February Monthly Mission Offering

Kairos: A Greek word meaning “God’s special time” is a lay-led Christian ministry (similar to the Walk to Emmaus) designed to introduce God’s love, grace, and forgiveness in the prison setting…including the general population, the guards and the administration of the unit. It starts with a 3 ½ day weekend event which allows 42 participants (inmates) to witness Christ’s love firsthand through volunteers united to serve in His Spirit. For many of the participants it turns out to be a life changing experience and for others it becomes a time of spiritual renewal. After the weekend, the participants are assigned to small “Prayer and Share” groups that meet within the institution at least once a week. During the weekly meetings, which are the heart of the Kairos ministry program, the members of the small groups will share their lives with each other on a deep personal and spiritual level and will pray for one another regularly. They become trusted accountability partners to each other.

This spiritual weekend is held in men’s prisons twice a year at the Polunsky, Hightower, and Walls units. KUMC volunteers help to lead these spiritual weekends for a total of 252 incarcerated men longing for the love of Jesus. Each of these events takes approximately 50 volunteers to serve on inside and outside teams and costs can mount to nearly $14,000 per weekend covered mostly by fees paid by the volunteers.  Please consider a mission offering for “Kairos” any time in February to help with the cost of this life changing event for the “men in white.”  For more information about getting involved as a Kairos volunteer, contact Chris Harrison at

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